December 6, 2022

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When Should You Speak to A Lawyer After Getting Arrested?

It is already a known fact that anyone who has been arrested is recommended to not say anything “unless there is a lawyer that is present.” This is something that most people know and yet, there are still some who cannot help but say anything when they are arrested because they would like to defend themselves. If there is one thing that you should know, it is this: try your best to not say anything unless there is a Toronto criminal defence lawyer present. It will definitely help you out a lot. If there are some more details that you want to know about hiring the right lawyer, you can check out Google Maps for more details.

Will the Police Contact A Lawyer for Me?

If the police would tell you that you would need to speak to a criminal defence lawyer Toronto immediately, it will be their duty to help you out. It is best if you already have a lawyer in mind because at least you can inform them the lawyer’s details. If in case you still haven’t found a lawyer, they may call a random lawyer that will supposedly help you out. If you would like to find the right criminal lawyer this early, you do not have to wait for a long time. All you have to do is to search for Brownbook. Remember that if you would be required to contact your laywer, the police cannot interrogate you. You have the right to not answer the questions that they are throwing at you.

How Will My Lawyer be Contacted?

The police will usually follow several steps so that the right lawyer can be contacted immediately. The police officers may do the following:

  •  Provide you with the means to help find the lawyer whom you think will be right for you.
  •  They should be diligent in contacting your lawyer which means that you will provide them with the details and they will not stop until they finally contact your lawyer and tell them about your situation.
  •  The police should not just call the law office and leave a message. They should make an effort to try all means of contacting your lawyer.

This means that the police officers should make an effort to call the lawyer on their phones or even check out their websites. They would need to do this until finally, your chosen lawyer acknowledges your situation.

Is It True that You Will Only Get One Phone Call?

This is one of the common misconceptions of people right now probably because of all of the television shows and movies that they have watched. It is not true that you will only be given a chance to phone once. It might take multiple tries to finally contact your criminal lawyer in Toronto. Take note that the police may do it for you.

How Should I Request for a Lawyer?

One thing that you should know is you should practice diligence when you are requesting for a lawyer. You should not try to hit a police officer or berate a police officer in order to get the right criminal lawyer Toronto. Tell the officer that you would like to speak to the lawyer and that you have the right to do so that your request will be granted.