November 28, 2022

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What Your Long-Term Acute Care Team Should Look Like

In a long term acute care facility patients need critical care and continuous monitoring so they can have a faster recovery. Nurses and physicians need to work as a team to be aebk to give the care the patients need in a LTAC facility. So what your long-term acute care team should look like? Here are some LTAC RN travel nursing career guide , so you can learn how to be an asset to your team. 

Members of Long -Acute Care Team 

In order to give satisfactory care to the patients in Long term acute care facilities. A team should be able to work together. An LTACteam is consist of the following:

Long-term care Acute Physician

A physician’s head of the team. He is responsible for creating a treatment plan for the patients and handles the team. He gives instructions on the members of the team. He assigns each one with their duties and responsibilities so they can be able to handle the patient’s condition well. 

Long-term Acute Care Nurse 

Long-term acute care nurse is responsible for managing all treatments needed by the patient and helping in personalizing care depending on the needs of the patient. Each patient in LTAc units has special needs and all of these should be identified so proper care can be given.

Case Manager

Case managers are in charge of providing progress reports to the patients and their families on discharge needs and planning.  They also handle billing questions as well as concerts about insurance coverage. 

Respiratory Therapist

Respiratory therapists are responsible for important functions such as specialized treatments.pulmonary support and help patients wean from ventilators if needed. 

Physical and Occupational Therapist 

Some patients in LTAC units lost their mobility, movement, balance, and stamina. These patients need assistance to be able to bring back their ability to move, physical and occupational therapists heal a lot in making this happen.  

Speech Language Pathologist

There are patients who may have problems with their speech,seallowong, writing and reading abilities. To help them bring back these abilities, speech language pathologists work with them. 


Each patient has different diet requirements since they can help them in their recoveries. Dietitians make sure to plan each meal according to the nutritional needs of the patient. It is also part of their duty to educate the family members of the patients on what to feed him once the patient gets discharged from the hospital. In this way the patients can still get the right food after getting out of the facility. 

Clinical Pharmacist

The main role of a clinical pharmacist is to work together with the physicians and nurses in mangaung the medical needs of the patients. 

What is the LTAC experience?

LTAC nursing jobs can be exhausting since you have to monitor your patients closely plus you have to be able to do all the routines for the patients. Plus you have to work with your team, so you can provide the needs of your patients and help them recover well. 

How Much Do Acute Care Nurses Make A Year?

LTAC nurses are part of the list of highest paid nurses. It’s because they are trained and skilled enough to handle their duties and responsibilities. As an LTAc nurse there are qualifications needed in order to accomplish all the tasks needed to be done during a shift. LTAC nurses have to be knowledgeable enough to handle and determine the needs of their patients. Nurses with specialization are paid higher for a reason. They have to work the extra mile to be able to give a satisfactory service to their paints, co nurses and physicians they will be working with. 

So what your long-term acute care team should look like? It would be composed of all the necessary nurses, physicians and therapists. Having a complete team can make the patients recover faster plus working together can make them achieve their goal as well as be able to practice their specialization in making their patient’s condition better. Medical teams in an LTAC facility will do their best to be able to implement all the needed procedures to help their patients get their strength back as well as be able to be healthy once again.