June 1, 2023

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The SWTOR Trooper Class And Advancement

Trooper Class Story Summary

A Trooper has ammo-based abilities and can easily fit into the role of a ranged DPS healer or tank. They use either Assault rifles or blaster cannons to attack, unleashing unmatched firepower with Swtor credits. They were heavy armor. The military is constantly changing as they face better and better, improved and complex blaster rifles every year. These rifles, along with the protective, strong armor ad take a lot of blows from the enemies.

A Trooper can advance into either Vanguard or Commando classes. They must choose on one advance and obtain newer, more efficient and powerful skills and abilities. This choice must be made based upon their playing style and how they are comfortable with dealing with enemies. These two special advanced classes are differentiated with different focuses. A Vanguard is the first line of defense, 

with defense ad their main focus. And Commandos deal with assault tactics and the most efficient use of weaponry. Own must carefully consider before making their choice, as once selected, they cannot change it.

The Advanced Class Vanguard: 

  1. The Vanguard-class walks through a battle with their advanced heavy armor. Being the first line of defense as well as the best, they fit well into the role of a tank.
  2. They are one of the most effective tanks and can withstand any incoming enemy offensive attacks. They rely on their heavy armor and shields to take the brunt of the attack. And they also use taunts to distract any attacks for defense and away from their allies.

When working solo, the Vanguard strikes the enemy continuously, dealing damage. 

  1. With raw incendiary power and several waves and rounds. 
  2. Their skill trees include Shield Specialist, Tactics and Plasmatech.
  • Shield Specialist: It involves powering up the Shield generator to protect oneself and their team and to take firepower and blows from the enemy.
  • Tactics: The Vanguard uses this to assist with close-range combat and how to deal with it.
  • Plasmatech: They use additional explosives and grenades to complement the use of assault cannons or rifles to make attacks even more deadly.

The Advanced Class Commando:

  1. They are trained in assault tactics and the most efficient use of weaponry. They use massive assault cannons to rampage upon their enemies. And then deal damage to them, overwhelming them with brute firepower. 
  2. Their skill trees are that of Gunnery, Combat Medic and Assault Specialist. 
  • Gunnery: They maximize the destructive forces caused by the assault cannon.
  • Combat Medic: They are trained to provide expert medical first aid to soldiers in the midst of a battle eso gold.¬†
  • Assault Specialist: It involves the proficiency of additional uses of explosives and grenades along with the assault cannon or rifles.