December 7, 2022

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How To Help Senior Citizens Stay Safe During COVID-19?

As the spread of COVID-19 over the world continues to stretch, there are more Coronavirus patients with each passing day. In today’s date, people falling into the age group of 50-70 years are more prone to this infection. Therefore, it is very important to help our senior citizens so that they don’t fall prey to this deadly infection, which has no vaccine or medicine to cure the same. 

If you also have senior citizens living with you or near you, you should spare some time, here we bring you ways to help them and stay safe during COVID-19. 

How to help senior citizens stay safe during COVID-19?

One can do many things to ensure that senior citizens stay safe during this COVID-19 outbreak, making their online payments through Airtel Payment Bank and helping them go cashless. 

  1. Bring daily groceries for them

The first thing you can do to help your senior citizens is that when you step out of your house to buy daily necessities and groceries, you can also buy the same for them. This will prevent them from stepping out in the market and thus, they will stay protected. 

  1. Pay their bills online 

There is no denying that senior citizens are not that familiar with online bill payments, which is why they hesitate to do the same. Therefore, you can help them in this time of emergency by simply paying their bills online. There are many platforms such as Airtel Payments Bank, etc. on which you can make the water bill payments, mobile recharge, electricity bill payment, and much more. 

  1. Check up on them regularly

Even though COVID-19 has bought social distancing in our society people can still with have mobile phones, laptops, and the internet, among others that people can stay in touch. You can make regular phone calls, text them, etc. to check up on them so that they don’t feel secluded or socially distant. 

  1. Cook something for them

There are times when we have our parents living away from us or there is senior citizen near us who cannot cook proper meals for themselves and the help of maid is also limited during this situation. Therefore, you can cook some light meals or snacks and leave it outside their door, which they can pick and eat. 

  1. Ask them to postpone their not so important medical visits

These days, it is not safe to go for the regular medical check-ups because you never know where germs can attack you. Therefore, you should also senior citizens to avoid stepping outside even for medical visits, which are not that urgent. You can help them by rescheduling their medical visits.

You must know Things to do Online during Social Distancing

Besides these, there are many helpline numbers which have been given by the government for the assistance of the people. Along with this, they should also have the numbers of their family members and nearby neighbours at speed dial whom they can contact at the time of emergency. So, these are a few ways to help the senior citizens stay safe amid the Covid-19.