June 4, 2023

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5 Reasons Why Custom Sapphire Engagement Rings Are the New Trend

5 Reasons Brides Are Buying Sapphire Engagement Rings


When we talk about engagement rings, diamonds are always the first to be mentioned. Diamonds here, diamonds there, diamonds everywhere. Diamonds are indeed a girl’s best friend. But sometimes, don’t you want to be unique? Don’t you want other things?


Well you are definitely not alone. When Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge proposed to Kate Middleton back in 2010, the world was mesmerized with that gorgeous blue sapphire engagement ring. It is a colored brilliance that has been a part of the world’s history.


And like how Kate Middleton’s engagement ring rocked the world, maybe it’s your turn to have your own custom sapphire engagement ring. If you still have hesitations, maybe these reasons will convince you.


1.     Cheaper than Diamonds and Other Gemstones.

Throughout history, diamonds have always commanded the highest and most expensive price tag among all other precious gemstones. This is not purely because the stone is considered the most beautiful but because the diamond industry was successful in its marketing strategies.


Unlike diamonds, sapphires can be relatively cheap and an affordable option to most people. This is not to say that the stone is less beautiful. A sapphire can match the beauty and brilliance of any gemstone out there.


The price of sapphire really depends on its quality, rarity, and variety. Rarer and deeper colors like fine blue sapphires are generally more expensive than the other colors. Say for example if you buy a custom  sapphire engagement ring in Dallas, Texas, you will have a wide range of options that will be relatively cheap compared to diamond stones. This pricing standard is most likely the same anywhere you go.


2.     Durable

Diamonds may be the hardest stone on earth but sapphires come very close. Sapphire is known to be very durable and hard that is why they make a good engagement ring. You will literally wear your engagement ring daily for a very long time so it can be prone to scratches and damages. The good news is, no matter how you try, sapphires are indestructible.


Do you know that even Apple used sapphire in their products? Yes. Sapphires were used in the iconic screens Apple watches. A major reason why this happened is because as mentioned, sapphire is scratch-resistant.


3.     Beautiful Colors

Colors, beautiful colors!


If you choose sapphire as an engagement ring, you are not limited to one option. Your favorite color is probably even one of the options you can have. Great, right?


Available colors for sapphire include blue, yellow, pink, white, padparadscha, purple, violet, among many others. Basically, you are not limited to just a single color unlike other gemstones.


So if you want to have a custom white sapphire engagement ring, a custom pink sapphire, or a custom blue engagement ring, these are all possible in your trusted jewel shops in Dallas or anywhere you are.


4.     More Unique

If most people want diamonds as their engagement ring, you may stand out with a sapphire ring!


This is basically in line with the fact that sapphires are rarer than diamonds. So if you have a sapphire ring, you are one of the few people who owns one. And if you are fond of royalty, sapphires are often associated with kings and queens because they symbolize virtue and wisdom, even good fortune.


Perhaps owning a custom sapphire ring may bring you and your relationship the best kind of luck.

5.     Ethical Consideration

Another great thing about sapphires is how it’s considered one of the gem industries that is ethical. Most sapphire mines are located in Thailand, Australia, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, and Madagascar. These countries are known to have generally ethical and environment-friendly mining conditions.


So if you buy a sapphire ring, you don’t have to stress over whether your engagement ring came from abusive and destructive conditions.


So what are you waiting for? Have that custom engagement sapphire ring now. Better yet, you can design it your own with the help of a jewel shop.